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Sports Chiropractic Services

Treatments cater to all kinds of sport injuries and performance optimisation needs with a particular appreciation for functional outcomes and longevity goals.

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Pain Management

Back pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, headaches, arthritis, joint pain and more. With a whole-body assessment and treatment approach every time, no cause or contributor gets missed and your solution can be more than just a band-aid fix.

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Posture and Lifestyle

Far from being just a back pain solution. Remove the barriers that limit you from asserting control over your physical lifestyle and put yourself in a position to make lasting changes that will support a health body for life.

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Tailored Chiropractic Care for Everyone

Chiropractic care for everyone. Pregnancy, vertigo, migraines, arthritis, acute, and chronic cases are all managed with informed, individual care, with all kinds of patients currently being treated successfully with a wide variety and combination of complicating conditions.


Musculo-skeletal healthcare with a whole-body approach.

Coming from a range of athletic backgrounds themselves, each of our practitioners applies their own passion and appreciation for health and physical function to their treatments. Having each experienced the dramatic changes that expert hands-on care and guidance can produce in helping us reach our own health, lifestyle, and performance goals, we strive for excellence in managing pain, tightness, post-injury recovery, and more.

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Image of Jake Williams, a local chiropractor in the Northern Beaches
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29 Lantana Avenue, Collaroy Plateau Chiropractors. Parking available on site. Just follow the signs! 

Open Hours

Monday 7am-8pm
Tuesday 8am-6pm
Wednesday 7am-8pm
Thursday 8am-5:30pm
Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 8am-2pm

Health fund rebates available.


Image of our Dee Why chiropractic specialist

Adjustment/manipulative therapy

A style of chiropractic treatment that uses high-velocity, low-amplitude movement to restore motion to dysfunctional joints. This can create instant improvements in range of motion, as well as neurological responses that decrease muscle tightness and improve the brain’s awareness of body position, as well as repositioning malaligned joints.

Image of our muscle/soft tissue release, a chiropractic technique

Muscle/soft tissue release (massage and dry needling)

A variety of chiropractic techniques including massage, dry needling, and guided/resisted stretches that aim to decrease tightness in a specific muscle or region of fascia to decrease pain, restore normal length and flexibility, and help to normalise associated muscular activation issues.

Image of our rehabilitation services


Our practitioners will often prescribe homework that will be tailored to you to aid recovery and prevent re-injury. These typically include specific strength, muscle release, and stretching regimes that you will be coached to perform and progress yourself at home or in the gym.

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