Our Practitioners

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Jake Williams B.Chir.Sc, M.Chir

Jake’s initial interest in hands-on therapies came about after a severe injury left his father facing lifelong disability, but through the work of a local osteopath, went on to cancel his pending surgery and continue an active working and sporting life for years to come, eventually becoming the inspiration for Jake to explore hands-on therapy’s potential for healing. Jake enjoyed competing in mixed martial arts for years, and now focuses much of his time practicing and studying strength training. He applies his appreciation of athletic performance to his passionate approach to optimising his patients’ physical function and pain-free lives.

Branson Dubler B.Chir.Sc, M.Chir

As a lifelong Northern Beaches local, Branson spends his time enjoying surfing and the outdoors, and grew his passion for whole-body therapy through his own experience on the treatment table and witnessing the difference it could make in helping him pursue his active lifestyle. He takes a holistic approach to improving the structure and function of the body from the ground up in order to help his patients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Jessica Sandtner B.Chir.Sc, M.Chir

Jess is a Northern Beaches local who enjoys an active lifestyle of walking, running, boxing and weight training. When Jess isn’t in the clinic or at the gym you can find her at the beach, walking her dog or hanging with friends. She found her passion for hands on therapy from her interest in human movement and how it relates to pain symptoms and management. Jess enjoys the longterm benefits that recreational and rehab/prehab exercise can bring to unlock new potential for everyday activities, athletic endeavours, and general wellbeing. She believes in a holistic approach to health care, there are many factors involved in becoming the person you want to be, to move the way you want to move and live pain free.

Adrian Tomiak B.Chir.Sc, M.Chir

Adrian always wanted to be a part of the healthcare industry, catering especially for the sporting and active population. Now, after years providing hands on care as well as rehabilitative guidance, he can’t see himself doing anything else. He is passionate about providing a holistic approach to improving the structure and function of the body from the ground up in order to help his patients achieve their health and performance goals. Adrian has played football at a representative level and has experience in sport team settings and injury management - which has been advanced by his own self-guided, non-operative recovery from an ACL rupture with complete natural healing, giving him expert insight into the management of traumatic knee injuries. Adrian is also an avid golfer with plans to get down to single figures by late 2023.